Written Testimonials

  • "I really like Dr. Dan... I am feeling better, have seen him twice. I like that he takes time to fix the issue of the day and not 'crack and out the door"
    Mary S.
  • "Hey Dr. Dan-
    You are the man!
    My back is feeling better than it has in over 2 years! The stuff you had me work on is working! I did the superman & aquaman 2x now - more than ever + planning to do it again tomorrow (3x each & 3x/week).
    I'm also working on stretching my L hammy more. My neck feels better and so does my R hip. Love it! Talking about the ham/hip/neck thing was great. The imbalance of my erectors is as close to equal as it's been in over 2 years! I'm jacked! I have a ton of energy, too = decreased pain!
    Thanks man!"
    Dan O.
  • "Dear Dr Dan:
    I am 26 years old, and consider myself to be in pretty good shape. However, I have always had a poor immune system. growing up I was best friends with the school nurse, and in my adult life I have been on antibiotics at least 3-4 times a year. I have now been a patient of Dr. Dan's for about a year. Dr. Dan not only does adjustments to help get my body back in balance, but he also has helped educate me on taking better care of my body, nutrition, exercise and supplements. I am to the point now that I know when my body gets out of balance. I understand better how my body works, and that you need your body to be in neurological balance in order to have the rest of your body working together. I have never felt better and more in tune with my body then I do now!

    Thank you Dr. Dan!"
    - Janna B

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